Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Rubber Mulch?

Why Rubber Mulch?

Has replacing and replenishing the wood mulch in your playground each year become a burden? Annual additions is not only expensive but also time consuming. Many playground owners don't replenish as often as they really should. This leaves a dangerous impact hazard for your children while refill is on the radar. There is an alternative to using traditional wood mulch. Long-lasting, durable RUBBER is the answer to this playground issue. Recycled rubber is available in a variety of beautiful colors. Since RUBBER mulch is only applied once to your playground, it will definitely save you both time and money.

Earth Friendly

RUBBER PLAYGROUND MULCH is also an eco-friendly alternative for the millions of tires that are discarded each year in landfills. Often these landfills become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and dangerous diseases. Recycling these once useless tires into rubber mulch is a great benefit to the environment. 100% recycled tires that are non-biodegradable replaces the traditional wood mulch. You are not only choosing a quality product but you are also helping to keep our environment eco-friendly.

Variety of Rubber Mulch Colors and Grades

DunRite offers a variety of rubber mulch colors and grades. Several beautiful, natural –looking colors are available to help customize your playground to your specific taste. Some of the colors to choose from are a milk chocolate Natural American, a deep dark Bark Brown, a traditional Rustic Redwood, and a natural looking Cypress. This product will stay vibrant throughout the years and will not fade like wood mulch due to sunlight exposure. Not only are there several color choices, but also there are a variety of rubber mulch grades depending on your specific product needs. Contact DunRite to determine the proper product. Remember that this is PLAYGROUND grade, not landscape grade. For those applications, we have appropriate materials to choose from!

Advantages of Rubber Mulch

RUBBER MULCH will help protect your playground from unwanted insects, mildew, and fungus. Wood mulch also soaks up water, making it a target for mildew. Since RUBBER MULCH will not soak up water, it does not produce mildew instead it actually allows water to penetrate more quickly and drain away from your play areas. Wood mulch also has a tendency to breed “artillery” fungus which can often permanently things like your children and their clothes. RUBBER MULCH does not promote the breeding of fungus.

Cost Factors

RUBBER MULCH is definitely the answer to the many problems with traditional wood mulch. Our color warranty ensures that your rubber RUBBER MULCH color will last. Figure the annual replenishment costs, replenishment labor, freight and delivery charges, and the risk to safety- this quickly becomes the most cost effective solution!

For more solutions and information, contact your PLAYGROUND Professionals at DunRite Playgrounds.

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