Friday, October 22, 2010

Common Abbreviations and Publications

Here are some of the common abbreviations we have seen used around the playground:

ASTM- American Society of Testing and Materials

CPSC- Consumer Product Safety Commission,
Publication 321: Little Big Kids (PDF)
(For parents to read with their kids (ages 3-5) on the topic of playground safety)

Publication 325: Handbook for Public Playground Safety
Publication 324: Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook
Publication 327:Public Playground Safety Checklist (HTML)
(Use this checklist to inspect local school and community playgrounds and notify school or park officials about any hazards found.)

328 Soft Contained Play Equipment Safety Checklist (HTML) CPSC staff developed checks to help parents and children use Soft Contained Play Equipment safely.

5036 Prevent Burns on Hot Metal Playground Equipment (HTML) (PDF) Safety Alert.

5065 Strangulation Hazard with Playground Cargo Nets (HTML) (PDF) Safety Alert.

5094 Strings Can Strangle Children on Playground Equipment (HTML)  Safety Alert.

5119 Never Put Children's Climbing Gyms On Hard Surfaces, Indoors Or Outdoors (HTML) (PDF)  Safety Alert.

5121 Wear Bike Helmets On Bicycles - Not On Playgrounds (HTML) (PDF)  Safety alert on a hidden hazard.

6005 CPSC Staff Recommendations for Identifying and Controlling Lead Paint on Public Playground Equipment (HTML)  Executive Summary.

6006 Recommendations for Identifying and Controlling Lead Paint on Public Playground Equipment (HTML)

6007 Questions and Answers for Lead Paint on Public Playground Equipment Prepared by CPSC Staff (HTML)

IPEMA- International Playground Equipment Manufacturing Association

CPSI- Certified Playground Safety Inspector, nationally certified by examination

NPSI- National Playground Safety Institute

NRPA- National Recreation and Parks Association

CCA- Chromated Copper Arsenic used as recently as 2003 to treat wood, now known as hazardous


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