Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do I pay CASH for my Playground?

Do I have to pay cash?
Payment methods for playgrounds vary with the type of service, product or equipment. Large purchases may be a problem for cash flow in a small (or perhaps even a large) business. When planning your playground, consider your overall financial situation. Don't let money impact safety. It would be a better business decision to build a portion of an activity area than build something that doesn't meet appropriate safety considerations. Your design plan may include stages for present and future development. There are also numerous fund raising programs or finance and leasing options available to help match your playground to your business needs.
Consider Leasing
  • Advantages to leasing your equipment.  
  • Leasing saves working capital: You can finance 100% of your equipment costs; there's no down payment.
  • Leasing establishes additional credit lines: Your existing bank lines remain intact for other financial needs.
  • Leasing includes all costs of acquisition: Your lease payments can also include the costs of freight, delivery and installation
  • Add-A-Lease lets you acquire additional equipment as you need it: Our lease grows with you, allowing you to add equipment to the original lease agreement.
  • Leasing offers tax advantages: Your lease payments may be deductible as an operating expense. Check with your accountant.
  • Leasing expands your budget: Leasing's affordable monthly payments can mean the difference between improvements now or waiting for future cash availability.
  • Leasing is a hedge against inflation:Tomorrow's dollar may not have today's purchasing power, so it makes sense to use tomorrow's dollars to pay for today's new equipment.
 Leasing is available only for business entities.
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