Monday, April 11, 2011

Tired of Watering Your Lawn?

Tired of watering your lawn? Tired of the annual mulch replenishment in your flowerbed? Consider rubber mulch in landscape grades to do the hard work.

In some parts of the country where heat is high and humidity is low, watering the lawn is out of the question. Landscaping includes generous amount of rock rather than grass. Consider colors of rubber mulch to make your lawn and landscape more attractive. Typically only 1-3 inches of rubber is used rather than the 4-6 inches seen for playground surfacing.

In your flower beds, rubber mulch isn't only visual or curb appeal. It helps to regulate the soil's moisture and temperature. The mulch prevents the soil from drying out as quickly. The groomed look is a wonderful bonus. Even more valuable, a decrease in the number of weeds you have to pull! The weeds have a harder time rooting in the soil. During the winter months, or at least for cold areas, much will help perennial plants to survive. With less rot and decay, insect population is reduced. It resists mold, mildew and general decay better than its organic counterparts.

Around trees, a mulch ring serves a lot of the same purpose as a garden. When mowing the lawn, a mulch ring around the tree will help protect some of the roots that form around the tree and surface.

On the playground, mulch is non-toxic. This is also important in your garden when looking at pH sensitive flowers and plants. Acidic pine bark mulch and needles on your carnation bed isn't a good idea. The prefer alkaline soil. Forget pH testing and matching the mulch to your garden. Rubber mulch isn't decomposing, so you have saved a step and time on gardening day.

Rubber mulch is a little more heavy and dense than typical mulch materials. This helps keep your mulch in place, rather than blowing away or floating away in a rain. Although heavier than organic materials, it won't sunk into the soil as easily and last longer, even years.

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