Tuesday, August 6, 2013

GeoTextile Membrane for Playground Equipment

There are situations when a membrane is required to provide for separation of your playground equipment from dirt below.  We suggest a material such as a polyester non-woven, needle-punched geotextile fabric. This is resistant to biological and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies, acids, and ultraviolet light exposure. Visit us online at DunRite Playgrounds for more information

Category Typical Value Test Method 
Fabric Weight  3.5 oz/yd2  ASTM D-5261 
Tensile Strength 124 lbs ASTM D-4632 
Grab Elongation  50% ASTM D-4632 
Trapezoid Tear  67 lbs ASTM D-4533 
Puncture Resistance  45.1 lbs ASTM D-4833
Mullen Burst Strength 140 psi  ASTM D-3786 
Water Permeability  225 gpm/ft2  ASTM D-4491
Ultraviolet Exposure (% Strength Retained)   >70% after 1200 hours carbon ARC exposure  ASTM D-4355

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