Sunday, September 19, 2010

How much does SHIPPING cost?

How much is FREIGHT?
Answering this question is somewhat like trying to predict the temperature!   Freight or shipping rates are calculated using complex factors that involve the size, weight and contents of the items shipped.  Many components and playground systems require odd shapes to be arrive at your door.  The issue is further complicated by federal tariff tables and discounts.  Freight carriers then determine another parameter using delivery requirements or options.  Your provided shipping address may be regarded by a particular freight carrier differently than you would expect.  Many times child care centers, churches and schools are regarded as residential deliveries due to the difficulty carriers have in reaching and unloading products at your location.   Some vendors simply ignore these specific issues and provide "curbside" delivery quotes.  Your experience may not be a good one if your product is sitting out in the street in front of your business. A 70' long tractor trailer rig is often unwelcome at schools during hours the children are around.  Many driveways and delivery doors can't be reached by a vehicle of this size and weight.  In most cases we prefer to handle freight on a case by case basis.  This means extra work on our part and possibly a delay on your end.  We would rather tell you this up front and create the proper answer for you rather than have problems or confusion at delivery time.  The bed of a delivery truck can often be four feet off of the ground.  Unloading a book or television from this height is not nearly as difficult as an eight foot long slide weighing in at several hundred pounds. An entire playground might weight in at several tons.  Some of our competitors have automated freight pricing and quotes on their website.  Often these are inflated rates to compensate for inevitable issues.  We would rather install the extra fact finding step in the process and work with our carriers to obtain the best rates and most accurate parameters.  Ultimately your savings and experience will make up for this delay. 
First of all, are you kidding?  Consider the price of the fuel, the wage of the truck driver, and the cost of a freight truck.  There simply is no such thing as FREE FREIGHT.  Someone is paying for it, and it is built into the cost of your product or added on.   We ran a "Free Freight" special and calculated what the average cost would have been for each of the sale items.  Just as easily, we could have offered a good sale price to you, or percentage off.   There is a well known process with many retailers to raise a price before they put it on sale.    It all becomes SMOKE and MIRROR and viewed by our company as DISHONEST.   Ask us pointed and direct questions and we will walk you through the math and "line-item" the freight price so you can see where the bottom line price came from. 

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